Circular Economy

Our circular economy strategy

The circular economy forms an integral part of our entire value chain, from the use of locally sourced waste material to the sale of our products. The use of biofuel in place of fossil fuels has a positive environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions.


Alignment with the philosophy of the circular economy from the very start

Our economic model in 2012 was already based on the principles of the circular economy, even before the European Commission adopted its first circular economy plan in 2015. Since that time, our commitment has never ceased to respond to the challenges set out by local and international organisations, with the aim of always being one step ahead.

Focal points of our circular economy strategy

Process efficiency and innovation


Renewable energies

Reverse logistics

Zero-waste model.
Use of locally sourced waste as the raw material for our products.

Encouraging new consumer habits

Whenever it is feasible, we encourage the hire over the purchase of equipment in order to promote more sustainable consumption.


We work with organisations and institutions for the dissemination and promotion of the circular economy. We pursue the creation of synergies with business associations in the local area that allow us to strengthen the base on which our circular economy is built.

Our goals

Our main goals are focused on strengthening our production efficiency and enhancing versatility in the production of raw materials of greater environmental interest.

This is our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals:


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