Who are we?

About Biodiesel Aragón

Biodiesel Aragón’s mission is to produce and sell biofuel made using waste, mainly vegetable oils and animal fats.

Our plant, located in Altorricón in the Huesca province of Spain, has an annual capacity of 100,000 metric tons.

It features some of the most versatile technology on the market which allows it to process waste from a wide range of sources.


What is biodiesel?

After waste is pretreated and it undergoes several chemical reactions, it is turned into biodiesel, which is suitable for use in diesel internal combustion engines. This product is then mixed with diesel fossil fuel at different percentages which helps reduce emissions.

Biofuels originating from waste vegetable oil and animal fats don’t contain heavy materials and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Advantages of Biodiesel


Circular economy and resource conservation.


Less CO2 in the atmosphere

Decarbonisation of the economy and reduction of CO2 emissions.


Reusing waste by transforming it into biofuel reduces the contamination of soil, water and natural resources.

Increased engine life

Thanks to its high level of lubrication, it increases the lifetime of engines by lubricating the injectors and fuel pump as well as improving the gears.

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