UCO Collection Department

We currently have over 6,000 collection points throughout Spain for the hospitality industry via the HORECA-CADENAS channel (Collection Points for Used Cooking Oil).

We work alongside top-quality restaurant chains as well as hotels, schools, retirement homes, hospitals, associations and catering companies.

BioArag’s entire process helps contribute to the circular economy.

Officially registered as a non-hazardous waste agency and merchant.

Collection management

BioArag manages the collection of oil and has over 6,000 collection points throughout Spain.


Our plant receives the oil we collect and transforms it into biodiesel and other byproducts.

Renewable consumption

We return the transformed product to the end companies and close the renewable consumption cycle.

We take care of the whole waste reuse process, from collecting waste to producing biodiesel.

UCO collection

Transport and pretreatment


Biodiesel production

Strong position in the service chain

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