Bioarag registers its first green bond program for 10 million

In the midst of the Green Tsunami and Circular Economy that is engulfing us, the production of Biodiesel Double Counting and Advanced – based on the recovery of waste – is and will be a vital element of the inevitable energy transition that we are going to live during the coming decades.

#BIOARAG ( – with the lever of its #GREENBONDS Program listed in #BMEMARF – will accelerate its growth through the increase of its productive capacity with greater efficiency and will strengthen its core and its corporate positioning with new activities cries in its DNA – irrevocably Green – that generate value to all stakeholders and the environment.

Since #EBNBanco we have had the good fortune and honor to act as Global Coordinator &Sole-BookRunner, Registered Advisor and Bank Agent of the Program and its Inaugural Mission – which will be increased with subsequent TAPs, at the pace of a measured Business Plan – accompanied by GA-P, AXESOR and SERFIEX (Green Bond SPO).